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15 Responses to “And?????????????????”

  1. joe perkinstein said :

    what !!!!

  2. Robert C said :


  3. amanda p said :

    And what….????????????????

  4. louby loo said :

    and what i am waiting lol

  5. Meeeee! said :

    and…….I’m going to make a cuppa tea.

  6. vazsingh_soorma said :

    and you’re a twat.

  7. Taryn said :


    i’m hot cuz i’m fly
    you ain’t cuz you not
    this is why
    this is why
    this is why i’m hot!!! =]
    haha…jk…. <3

  8. chyna said :


  9. big beauty said :


    dont mess with the best cos the best dont mess

  10. edward h said :

    and the question is?

  11. micksmixxx said :

    Yes … go on.

  12. SIMON B said :

    why do you bother this is not a question its more your opinion about what being bright is about, it astes my time answering this and your in asking it. Please get a life

  13. Mark R said :

    woot u chattin braaap

  14. dahnnna said :

    If you are asking that then you arent using Firefox, are you?

  15. CHRIS said :

    …then the camel asks the Bedouin if he could just put his head into the tent as the wind is blowing out on the desert tonight and he is cold so the Bedouin allows just the head of the camel and a few minutes passes and the camel speaks again and says please let me put my legs inside your tent as I am losing feeling them because it is so cold out here tonight and the Bedouin says oh all right and a half an hour goes by and the camel whispers to the Bedouin may I please move my body into the tent as it would be so much more comfortable and the Bedouin says well seeing you have moved so much in already, well, yes you may and the camel does and of course he is too big and pulls up the tent posts and off blows the tent across the vastness of the windswept desert and the two of them are left alone shivering together in the dark.


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