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after America and England ,is Israel the third most hated country in the world?

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30 Responses to “after America and England ,is Israel the third most hated country in the world?”

  1. Den said :

    after what they have done for soooo long – id say they probably top a lot of peoples list – especially those in the middle east and east.

    They have finally shown what they are

    It is the sole cause of what is going on around the world

  2. Dr Asmed said :

    Probably – especially in the East

  3. DOOBEEDOO said :

    i dont hate england.

    or america come to think of it.

  4. ridder said :

    This is so sad, sorry for you all.

  5. Zoe said :

    I don’t hate america or england! but I’ve never been to isreal so I don’t really know. But hey if it is I won’t go there now, thanks for that!

  6. Ophelia ♥ Vegan Princess ★ said :

    No, Switzerland is.

    Their cheese is full of holes yet they sell if for full price.

  7. The Hooded Claw© said :

    Do you have any actual facts to back up your baseless claim?

  8. queen*without*king said :

    they are already

    israel = crime=antipeace
    israel = clueless= Barbaric
    israel = Waste = horror
    israel Briefly such a 60 yrs old damn s.h.i.t still waiting for the second adolf hitler to wipe the rest of them….

  9. simm101 said :

    No it’s France, nobody likes them.

  10. Bushrod Isbister said :

    I find it humorous and instructive that American and the UK are on the top of the most hated list while nations like North Korea and Iran are just loved for the peaceful nature and history of social justice. What a joke.

  11. Shambo TOP Contributor said :

    I think the correct order is AMERICA > ISRAEL > ENGLAND

  12. ♪ Sarah E said :

    Why would England be the second hated Country in the world – we haven’t done anything except be attacked in the past.

  13. Defiant said :

    I think Muslim/Islamic countries are the most hated because terrorism and their religion seem to go hand in hand & only a fool could try denying it.

    Ps the OP wouldn’t happen to be Muslim or Liberal/left by any chance lmao

  14. steve-o said :

    what makes u think countries are hated. would you not consider france ,russia,iran.sudan,n.korea,palastine. the only reason why these countries are hated is coz of the media. the western world has helped to create this hate.its funny how you say america and england are the most hated in the world yet nearly every single person in the middle east maybe even africa want to live in these two countries.

  15. ~Hellz Angel~ said :

    Is England really the second most hated country in the world? Wow…

  16. kris r said :

    Explain: if America is so hated, why do so many people from those countries that hate us (Mexico Iraq, Iran, etc) com here every year? Why are they willing to sneak in illegally, brave danger and death, to get here?

    As for England, I’m not aware of any large Anglo-phobic movement in the world (although there may be a lot of self-loathing in England itself).

    Israel is hated by two main groups; those who believe that the Jews run the world behind the scenes (if so, why the Holocaust?) and the Arabs, who are jealous of Israel’s ability to survive, and prosper, without oil.

  17. ron said :

    No, not in everyone eyes.

  18. B B said :

    I love england and america is grand. . .
    I HATE many suicide boomers. . .

  19. allen.rench said :

    I hate people who speak Gibberish.
    Damn Gibberians!

  20. Guardian angel said :

    I reckon on a global scale it’s Americans then Jews then Picts

  21. Eddy T said :

    England is well known in Asia it had help to it to develop economically. America is regard as world leader, except in some parts of Middle East partly because of Israel.

  22. KING DONG OF YAHOO said :

    right on buddy

  23. ape creature of the Indus. said :

    OI that’s the United Kingdom to you not england, tvm. and what is this cobblers question, nope me thinks this is the most hated question in the world.

  24. Mr Handsome said :

    I hate neither of those countries.
    Long live America, Britain and Israel

  25. 7th Kai said :

    first of all, i dont think uk and usa are the most hated. second, yes, i hate israel and there is my hate list :


    i hate these all cause i think they are cocky about themselves and dont show any friendly personality!

    i am from malaysia and i support my own country of course BUT i also will support uk and usa cause these three are my top 3!!!!

  26. smoothgroover7 said :

    What a troll………

    Why would they be? Because they retaliated a few attacks that they had on there own soil?
    Tell me, whos hating them?

  27. Tele Caster said :

    No, the Arab countries are.

  28. NetImp said :

    Bushrod Isbister – perhaps because North Korea limit their idiocy to their own country, unlike America and the UK who have between them installed the Shah in Iran to power, Pinochet, Saddam Hussein, etc. And are responsible for a number of deaths that makes the dear leader look like a Samaritan, but heh, don’t let facts get in the way…

  29. PERamirez said :

    I can’t say I hate any country, but I perceived throughout the world that Israel is more hated that England. The third most hated country in the world might be Russia, China, or Iran.

  30. "Man for all Season's&q said :

    If in fact the USA & UK or the most hated than it is only because these two countries do not follow the normal everyday life of keeping woman in the shadows of there Vail’s,retarding education,practicing prejudice,hatred,radicalism,and a false sense of seven virgins for believing nonsense.
    Yes ! I suppose Israel or any country that does not go along with this type of thinking would be on the “Hate” List….!!


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